Sing, Dance, Act

DAPA classes are taught in a caring and professional manner. 

Students have fun whilst learning new skills and growing in confidence.


Principal, Sarah Dean, was one of Britain’s leading choreographers. 

DAPA pupils benefit massively from her extensive contacts with the professional theatre.


DAPA Courses

We recognise that there is no typical DAPA student. Our courses have therefore been structured to appeal and inform everyone from those who are dancing for fun to those who are seriously ambitious and have set their sights on a career as a performer. DAPA children are taught by many people who have performed at the highest levels on the professional stage. Our teachers encourage and develop all DAPA students and our classes have the perfect balance of fun and technique. We work on several shows throughout the year as well as exams and awards. This is a great way to develop confidence and presentation. For a few children, DAPA is the first step to a career, but for most, it is a great way to meet new friends, gain confidence, acquire an appreciation of the beauty of dance, music and drama, and keep fit!!