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No specialised clothing required; however, we recommend you wear a loose fitting t-shirt, shorts and a pair of supportive training shoes. Don’t forget some warmer over clothes for the journey home. Gum shield,hand wraps & skipping rope are a minimum requirement to train.
IMPORTANT – Bring a drink in a spill proof bottle


All the equipment required including, gloves and head guards are available for use within the club free of charge. However those who progress to full contact sparring must wear a gum-shield.
For safety we recommend the latter is CE approved and fitted by your Dentist.


Boxing Technique and drills
Bag, skipping, shadow boxing
Partner work, for example pad work
Sparring – for those at a more advanced level
Circuit training
Strength training


There is a £10 membership fee to be paid on the 1st Jan every year You will also need to fill in a new membership form. Any medical examinations & registration fees to England Boxing will be met by the ndividual boxer.
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Boxing is an example of one way we can measure and test your overall fitness, stamina, and mental toughness. At the Prince of Wales Youth club we aim to equip you with these skills to become the best boxer you can be. 
Strength and conditioning primarily focuses on enhancing and improving individuals overall performance. This can be achieved by partaking in activities such as running, jumping, agility, core and endurance training.
George Saunders
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"Both the youth club and the boxing academy have given me new life and social skills and all the staff, volunteers and coaches support me in my everyday life.  With this support college life seems to be easier!"


In relation to boxing, sparring can be considered to be the most important form of training and essentially is when you begin to really learn to box. Both you and your partner can get to see what works and what needs improvement.

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Cost per session

£5 per session

Opening Times


Monday & Thursday 

6.30-7.30pm Over 8s and Beginners THURSDAYS ONLY

7.30-9pm For all other Boxers 

We currently do not take under 8's
Competition is a long way off for this age group, this makes the skill development so important; letting skill slip at this stage could have long lasting consequences. Boys and girls at this level will concentrate on Hand-Eye Co-ordination, Balance, Footwork, Defences and Punching Technique.
To attend these sessions requires children to work towards the clubs values. 
These sessions are to identify champions of the future for both boys and girls.  It will be 2 to 3 years before they can box competitively; therefore we concentrate on the fundamental skills of boxing to build a solid skill base which will be developed in the future.  The ideal age range for this group is 8 to 11 years; at which point they will move on to the school's age group. The vast majority of the session will be strictly non-contact; however, when they are ready they will be put into a semi-contact situation.
Children who attend these sessions will be expected to behave and endorse Prince of Wales boxing academy values.
These boxing sessions will prepare boxers for the School Championships in which they will box over 3 rounds of 1 and half minutes each round.  We know everyone will not develop at the same rate and may not reach the skill level needed to be considered for entering the championships. However, all our boxers are given the same opportunity – level of coaching and given the competition needed for their personal long term development.  Girls are more than welcome and will train alongside the boys. By this age you need real dedication & have a passion o box. This is a competitive sport.
All boxers must work towards the clubs values in and outside the gym, and remember boxing is an individual sport.
Competing at this age group is very competitive; you will be boxing 3 rounds of 2 minutes.  Working towards the Junior championships is hard work and you will need to train at the gym for a minimum of 3 nights a week, and be expected to run in your own time if you want to be your best. Adhering to the clubs values will encourage and support you during your training whether your a complete beginner or experienced performer.  For boxers with little or no experience there is the Development Championships to set your sights on.
 Skills are the key to long term development along with the clubs values and ethics.
Taking part as an Adult in sport is hard – choosing boxing is the ultimate challenge.  In short it does not get any harder.  All senior male boxers need to compete over 3 rounds of 3 minutes each round “without head guards”.  Females box over 4 – 2 minute rounds “with Head Guards”.  To win requires Skill, Strength, Speed, Stamina; you will need to be mentally tough to overcome the problems your opponents put in front of you.  Our qualified coaching team can transform you from a complete beginner into National Champion.  If you have had other forms of ring experience your more than welcome to train here for your skill development and fitness.
Being part of the senior team you’ll need to be a leading example to younger members and follow the clubs values.
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